Houston Combat Sambo (HCS) is a Combat Sambo & Nihon Combative Jujitsu club operating in North Houston. We offer high-quality instruction in Combat Sambo, Nihon Combative Jujitsu, Judo as well as no-gi grappling, wrestling and mixed martial arts. At HCS, we are committed to offering top-notch instruction in a team-oriented, secure and friendly environment. CONTACT US TODAY FOR DETAILS - (512) 579-6195!



Training in HCS Striking will help you develop devastating power, speed and a fighting spirit. Focus will be on increasing timing, learning distance, footwork and a variety of punches, kicks, elbows and knees.


Having a strong stand-up game is important and the strength and well-roundedness that throwing brings to MMA training cannot be disputed. Focus will be on utilizing leverage, balance and explosive power to dominate your opponent.


The goal of grappling is to gain a dominant position and submit an opponent by using immobilization, armbars, leg locks and chokes. Focus will be on learning positional control, strategy, flow and submissions.


  • Welcome to Houston Combat Sambo also known as HCS. We are a Combat Sambo & Nihon Combatvie Jujitsu club operating in North Houston.
  • HCS head coach, Grant Gilliam, is an accomplished martial artist, competitor and fighter with over 24 years of experience. Coach Grant has competed in a wide range of competitions including: Shootfighting, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Wrestling. Grant holds a record of 5-0 in MMA bouts, including the distinction of being a 3-time Arizona Shootfighting Association Champion in the Heavyweight Division.
  • All experience levels welcome!

  • -HCS has proven instructors including Nationally-Certified Black Belts with time in the cage, in the ring and on the mat.
  • -HCS focuses equally on all levels of combat: Striking, Throwing and Submissions.
  • -HCS offers it all: intense training, an awesome atmosphere and quality instruction.
  • -HCS is the highest-rated Gold Medal, Professional Member School of the American Sambo Association (ASA) in Texas.